Promoting, through research and education, excellence in the care of medical illness in pregnancy.

About Us

Formed in June 2002, the International Society of Obstetric Medicine (ISOM) brings together clinicians and basic researchers from around the world who are passionate about the care of medical illness in pregnancy.

The focus of ISOM is to promote, through research and education, excellence in the care of medical illness in pregnancy.

Through this society we hope to facilitate dissemination of knowledge in this field and enhance the care of pregnant women and their babies globally.

ISOM brings together the diverse range of clinicians and researchers with an interest in the care of pregnant women with underlying medical disorders. We recognize that access to skilled obstetric medicine clinicians varies markedly in different areas of the world and we hope to support a broader propagation of experts in our field.

We welcome physicians, obstetricians, medical sub-specialists, maternal fetal medicine doctors, anesthesiologists, researchers, nurses and registered midwives and clinicians of all types to our society. Our only requirement for membership is a passion for improving the care of patients whose pregnancies are complicated by medical illness

Executive Council
Mission Statement