Promoting, through research and education, excellence in the care of medical illness in pregnancy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Society of Obstetric Medicine is to:

  • Support clinicians and researchers in the field of obstetric medicine by bringing them together as part of an international community that allows discussion, collaboration and sharing of expertise and resources
  • Provide an international forum for clinicians involved in the care of medical problems during pregnancy to present clinical and basic science research for discussion and critical evaluation
  • Encourage, support and promote research in obstetric medicine
  • Develop and promote educational programs to further international and regional expertise in obstetric medicine
  • Develop and promote clinical care guidelines to assist individuals caring for medical illness in pregnancy
  • Encourage obstetric medicine curriculum development at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels of medical education
  • Encourage the development of international guidelines for training individuals in obstetric medicine and to foster the recognition of special competence in obstetric medicine.
Executive Council
Mission Statement